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About Us

The Clayboys met in kindergarten. Young Michael busied himself making little ceramic objects, and young Regan kept just as busy painting little cartoons on them. Although no longer boys, they still produce ceramic objects, (mugs, tiles) as well as greeting cards. Regan does all the artwork for Clayboys, and his drawing skills have changed very little since those early days in preschool. They are Canadians, and run the company out of Toronto. Their products are sold in stores throughout Canada, the UK, the US and Mexico, but not in Utah. The other important person at Clayboys is Melanie. She pretty much runs things at the office. If you are a stalker, she is the one to contact.

Regan Morris

Regan is a Taurean, which means he's argumentative, opinionated, self-centered and more than just a little materialistic. He enjoys short walks to the mall, fine dining and anything shiny. He is very clever with his feet.

Michael FitzGerald

Michael is a Sagittarian who is irresponsible, careless, unrealistic and most of all - blindly optimistic. He likes duct tape, five star hotels, and being rude to telephone sales people. His motto is 'buy now, buy more later.'

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